What Just Happened: 210 Haiku Against the Trump Presidency (A Satire)

In What Just Happened: 210 Haiku Against the Trump Presidency (A Satire)David Starkey memorializes each week of Donald Trump’s four years in office with a single haiku. While the poems sizzle with dismay and disbelief, they are often tempered by dark comedy as Starkey catalogues Trump’s outrages in lines you won’t soon forget.

“If poetry doesn’t make anything happen, at least poetry this well written and focused, this concise and yet comprehensive, provides an ethical, moral, and aesthetic compass.  Truth and true poetry, hard to come by, but in David Starkey’s book it keeps us from forgetting the lies and corporate self-serving cant—damage to the language and our country—we have endured.  This kind of poetry keeps our collective shoulder to the wheel.” —Christopher Buckley

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