Hello, Writer

Hello, Writer: An Academic Writing Guide, developed for the first-year  composition course with corequisite support, combines familiar academic writing and reading topics with a fresh and flexible approach that works in multiple teaching and learning contexts and with a range of college writers. Support for common first-year writing assignments—such as analyzing a text, arguing a position, and presenting research—sits side by side with support for first-year writers. Drawing heavily on principles of learning science and psychology and facilitating engagement through practice and reflection, this purposes-driven rhetoric offers a foundation for today’s high-challenge, high-support corequisite learning models. Reading strategies, noncognitive learning, and plenty of scaffolding pair easily with David Starkey’s easy-going conversational style. It’s an upbeat composition text that takes college success very seriously. Hello, Writer looks squarely at first-year students and says: You can do it. You belong here. You are a writer.

What’s more, Achieve with Hello, Writer. offers guided practice and facilitates writing, revision, reflection, and peer review—all in a powerful online platform designed to build skills, spark engagement, and boost confidence. Forthcoming 2022 from macmillan learning.